Here you have delicious breakfasts that give you a lot of energy every day

A good energetic breakfast is the main meal of the whole day and every day it is necessary that you recharge yourself to have enough energy for all your activities and maintain good health.

With these seven tips of breakfasts you will be able to find the necessary nutrients that will give you energy for the whole day, as well as being delicious and very balanced.

Today our body suffers permanently due to poor diet, external contaminants, lack of irregularity in the times of consumption of our meals among other things. Therefore it is very important to be aware in the know how to eat and especially at breakfast.

Let’s see what breakfasts can you consume to fill you with energy for the whole day

Coffee at breakfast? … yes !, coffee

Take a cup of coffee in the morning is an excellent way to start your day well and although it is a little discredited, here we will tell you something to save it from the blacklist.

The main active compound in coffee, caffeine, is able to improve your mood and increase your mental performance.

In an extensive review of studies published during the last 15 years, it was observed that the consumption of 38-400 mg of caffeine had very positive effects on cognitive, physical and mood performance:

  • Increase in alert level
  • Improvement of memory and reaction time
  • Increase in mood
  • Reduction of the feeling of fatigue and fatigue.
  • Also, it has been shown that coffee stimulates weight loss by increasing fat removal and accelerating metabolism.

According to the existing evidence, drinking coffee can increase metabolism by up to 11% and increase fat burning by 29% in thin people and 10% in obese people.

Coffee consumption has also been associated with a lower risk of suffering from several diseases, such as diabetes or cancer.

Eggs to taste

Eggs are a healthy food that can be prepared in multiple ways and that can be demystified since it is scientifically proven to be healthy and totally protein.

The belief that has existed until recently that eggs raised blood cholesterol has been finally denied by many studies and research.

The egg is an ideal source of essential nutrients for the body and its intake is very beneficial for health:

  • Provides 6 g of complete protein (per unit)
  • Improves brain function thanks to its choline content
  • It is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants that protect against cataracts or macular degeneration
  • Improves cholesterol levels.
  • … and other important things

When eggs are consumed in the form of breakfast, they can help you lose a considerable amount of weight.

It is a scientific fact that eating eggs at breakfast can increase weight loss by up to 65%, reduction of abdominal perimeter by 34% and elimination of body fat by 16%.

All these favorable effects in the weight are due to a large extent to the protein present in the egg, responsible for the effect of satiety and the consequent lower consumption of calories during the rest of the day.

Nuts with other things …

Super food with high protein content, nuts are a very rich food full of fiber and healthy fats.

They contain many calories, but in the end they are not absorbed by the body.

Also, nuts have the incredible effect of filling your stomach for longer and encourage you to eat fewer calories from other foods.

In the case of almonds, some studies have proven that eating a significant amount of this nut, along with a low-calorie diet, can raise the weight reduction by up to 62%.

On the other hand, nuts are excellent sources of minerals such as manganese or magnesium and vitamins, such as vitamin E:

  • 100 g of almonds give you 124% CDR of vitamin E, 112% CDR of manganese and 69% CDR of magnesium.
  • 100 g of nuts give you 171% CDR of manganese and 40% CDR of magnesium.

Also, regularly ingesting nuts has been associated with a lower risk of diseases: diabetes, heart disease …

Some mixes that you can make with nuts are: With yogurt, with cheese, with oatmeal or simply as an appetizer in the middle of the morning between breakfast and lunch.


Yogurt to taste

Although yogurt is a dairy product that is intolerable to many, it is rich in calcium, protein, phosphorus and healthy saturated fats.

The best yogurt is whole yogurt because light or low fat yogurts are usually full of refined sugar and other additives, so it is always advisable to choose whole yogurts and especially unpasteurized.

Yogurts that have not been subjected to a pasteurization process contain active cultures of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria that make it a probiotic food and consequently very healthy.

Yogurts with active cultures help to treat diarrhea, improve the function of the digestive system, increase immunological defenses and fight intestinal inflammatory diseases or infections caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

High-fat yogurts often contain conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has been associated with an increase in body fat burning and a lower risk of breast cancer.

Finally, its high protein content helps reduce appetite and eat fewer calories in total.

It can be mixed with other healthy foods like fruit or oatmeal.

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Sacred oats

If you want to start the day with a super energy-rich food in addition to spectacular benefits, oats can become your best friend.

You can consume it in many different ways: in the form of cream or porridge (oatmeal), flaked or ground; and accompany it with nuts or fruit, for example.

A serving of oats will provide you with manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, fiber and protein, and even a small amount of Omega-3.

In addition, its high content of betaglucan, a type of soluble fiber, will ensure that you feel sated for longer.

Eating oatmeal at breakfast also helps keep cholesterol and glucose levels at bay, two common health problems today.

If you are pregnant, this whole grain cereal is recommended during pregnancy for the amount of magnesium it provides: it prevents pre-eclampsia and premature birth.

Fruits in its Point

In a healthy breakfast with lots of energy, fruit can not be missed, the healthy food par excellence.

Of all the flavors and colors, any fruit is rich in fiber and in various vitamins and minerals and low in calories:

Avocado, pineapple and bananas are rich sources of potassium.

Oranges, strawberries, blueberries, papaya or kiwi, among many others, are rich sources of vitamin C.

Thanks to the fiber present in the fruit, its consumption can help prevent digestive disorders while helping to maintain an optimal body weight for its satiating effect.

Super Healthy Green Tea

Green tea is a natural product with super components that will help you maintain incomparable health.

If you want to perform better during your day or not fall asleep in class, you can try drinking green tea.

Green tea is also a caffeinated beverage, so just like coffee, its intake increases the level of alertness, reaction and mental performance, reduces tiredness and improves mood.

However, the amount of caffeine present in a cup of green tea is about half that of a cup of coffee.

The consumption of green tea has also been linked to weight loss, as there is scientific evidence on its effectiveness in increasing fat burning and accelerating metabolism.

A very healthy kind of green tea that is gaining popularity is matcha tea, with special therapeutic properties thanks to its cultivation form.

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