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You must be wondering how to lift weights properly to build muscle or how to lift weights correctly to gain muscle then in this post I am going to share few essential tips which will help you to lift the weights the right way and at the same time build muscle. Lean Muscle building is not very easy and it the game of mind to body connection and if you are not following the proper form and technique then you will really find it hard to build muscle.

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Many beginners both men and women really don’t know how to properly lift weights in the gym or at home to gain lean muscle mass and they usually think that the more weight you lift the more gains you will get. However the tale is different which you will come to know after reading this post and what exactly you have to do and what are the reasons why you are not able to build muscle

If you are thinking that I am doing my workouts regular and lifting heavy weights so I will ultimately be able to build more muscles yes it’s right if you are lifting more weights and doing your workouts regularly then it’s great but what most important is how the weights are flexing your  muscles and this is what matters the most because you want to build muscles or might be that you want to become a bodybuilder but your goal is not to lift most heavy weights that the goal of weight lifters and their goals is not to build lean muscle their aim is to build strength.

So this is totally different and here in this post I am going to share the tips and mistakes you must avoid while lifting weight in the gym or at home to gain more muscle mass. Hence without wasting much time lets see how to lift weights properly to gain muscle at home or gym

How To Lift Weights Properly To Build Muscle – Learn The Right Way

1) Prepare Your Mind Set :
Whenever I wake up in the morning to go to gym I usually start thinking about which body part I have to train today and what exercises I will do and prepare myself to get ready to hit the gym and this really motivates me to go to gym and lift the weights
Also I usually open my laptop and watch my favorite bodybuilder training and by looking at their muscles I get pumped up and fully charged to hit the gym and complete my weight training session more enthusiastically.
I have seen many men and women simply go to gym 1 day and other day they don’t feel like going to gym for their workouts and the biggest reason is that they are not really motivated to train their body and by using this trick I am 100% sure that you will never miss your workout routines and will regular do your workouts with more passion and dedication.
2) Lifting Too Much Weight :
Again this is the one most important area I want to focus on that lifting too much weight without maintaining proper form and technique is of no use and you will not be able to build muscle mass. This is the case I often see beginners do and they think that lifting too much weight is the ultimate way to build more muscle and they usually ignore the proper form and technique which not only wastes their time in the gym at the same time they are increasing the chances of getting injured.
So my point here is to lift the weights by which you can maintain your proper form and technique and your body is comfortable with without jerking back and forth. And this is the right way to lift weights in the gym or at home.
3) Doing Show off In the Gym :
I know that when you are doing weight training in the gym you want others to look at you and think that you are the most muscular and stronger person in the gym but you are wasting your money and time. Doing show off and tying to be hunk in the gym will not help you to build the muscles which is your main goal right.
I have seen this plenty of time and to be honest when I started to do my workouts in the beginning I was also doing the same but later on I realize that I am doing the big mistake and this is not the right way to exercise in the gym.
Also I have seen that many people are try to lift as much weight as possible to impress others but what the heck it’s going to be fruitful for you. So please stop doing this instead lift the weights properly and you will see much better results.
4) Concentrate on The Muscle :
Like I said earlier in the post that in order to lift the weights properly to gain muscle you need to feel the weights while doing your reps and concentrate on the muscle group which you are training as this will definitely give much much better results.
I have seen many men and women in the gym doing dumbbell concentration curls and not really focusing on their biceps muscle instead they turn their head and look at the walls and this is not the right way to lift weights.
You must always focus and concentrate on the muscle part which are doing the exercise for and this helps to feel the weight in the muscles which ultimately results in more muscle mass gains
5) Talking Too Much Between Sets :
Ask your self one question why you are in the gym to talk or to train obviously you are in the gym to train then why are you are talking too much between sets as this is wasting your energy so preserve this energy and take only 30 secs or 1 minute rest between sets.
If you want to talk then there are plenty of other places where you can talk but till the time you are in the gym avoid it as much as possible. Here I am not saying that put a bandage on your mouth little talking here and there is good but if you are talking too much and not doing your exercise properly then that is not ideal way to workout in gym
6) Always Do Warm Ups :
Doing warm ups before lifting weights in gym or home is very important and you must not avoid or skip it in any case as doing this might result in injury. Doing your warm ups properly lubricates your joints and prepares your muscles for lifting heavy weights in gym or home and this will really avoid any joint injuries.
So doing be in hurry to lift heavy weight instead do 1 to 2 sets of light weight warm ups prior lifting heavier weights. I usually do 1 to 2 sets of light weight sets prior training any muscle group and this really increases the blood flow in that particular muscle group and keep me safe form any injuries during my workout routines.

Many men and women think that they are wasting their time by doing warm ups but if they will avoid the will be wasting more time lying in the hospital bed. So never skip your warm up exercises and always do it no matter what body part or muscle group you are training.

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7 ) Increase Weights The Right Way :
To gain muscle you muscle continuously put stress in your muscles which leads to more muscle growth and size because if you are doing 10 pound dumbbell curls on every workout routines then your body will get used to it and will not grow. So in order to keep your muscle tissues and fibers growing you need to gradually increase your weights and with time your body will adapt to that weight which will result in more muscle mass gains.
But let me tell you one important thing that if you are doing 10 pound dumbbell curs in one workout then don’t simply jump to 25 pounds dumbbell curls in other workout instead slowly increase your weight like 10 to 12 then 12 to 25 so on and so forth and this will really give you must better results and at the same time avoid any injuries.
So friends this was how to lift weights properly to build muscle in gym or home. If you like this post please share and don’t forget to subscribe to get more workout routines and muscle building tips and tricks. Also if you have any question or doubt in the mind the don’t hesitate to ask me via comment section and I would really be glad to answer you! Stay fit and Stay Healthy


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