Many people don’t have a single idea as to the causes of weight gain. Weight doesn’t become bored one day, look at you and say, “I want you”. You invite it. All the causes of weight gain are influenced mainly by these two elements – Your lifestyle or your hormones.

This post will highlight different causes of weight gain; and you can see if any of them applies to you so that you can begin to make the necessary changes to defeat them.

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12 Causes of Weight Gain

The main causes of weight gain can be broken down into two parts, lifestyle and hormonal balance. You will find here a list of 12 most common lifestyle causes of weight gain.



  • Too much calories in your food


This is the amount of calories that is contained in your food and is one of the major causes of weight gain. Studies have shown that calorie dense meals are usually one of the major causes of weight gain.

Fast food is a major culprit of foods with high calories. Most fast foods usually have sugar and fats in them which cause major injuries to the metabolism.

Calorie dense foods do not make you feel satisfied quickly which makes you want to eat more. I know this by experience because when I used to eat fast foods, I always felt like eating more even after I’ve had two meat-pies and two bottles of coke. I always crave for more.

Plus, foods dense in calories have the lowest amount of nutrients.

All in all, high calorie foods are bad for you and the only up-side to it I know of is the taste. But you can get tasty healthy treats elsewhere.


Consumption of alcohol


Consuming alcohol is one of the subtle causes of weight gain. A small drink of alcohol can stop the process of fat burning for up to a day.

Now imagine if you eat meals that are heavy on calories with alcohol. The horror! Your body will have to burn the calories from the alcohol while it stores the calories from your food as fat.


Skipping meals


Studies have shown that people who skip meals have a high tendency of accumulating fat in their belly and most don’t even realize that this is one of the causes of weight gain.

I must confess that I break this rule all the time; mostly because when I have something to do in the morning, I usually forget to eat, or I postpone it for later. Most times I don’t eat till 5pm or 7pm in the evening. I am trying to correct this though.

Even still, I haven’t gained one pound of extra weight. For over 5 years now I have kept the same weight I’ve had, 68Kg. and it’s not genetics because my dad is on the heavy side.

When you skip a meal, your body becomes paranoid there’s a shortage of food and goes into starvation mode; so when you eventually eat, the body greedily stores the food in your system as fat.

You can eat 5-6 small meals so your body doesn’t become paranoid and go into starvation mode.


Sedentary lifestyle


Many people know this is one of the major causes of weight gain but still don’t do anything about it. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, you will in no time gain weight.

First of all, a sedentary lifestyle means when you sit down for a long time without doing anything physical. Like watching TV or staying on your computer for 6 hours or more.

You must keep your body active if you want to live a healthy life and also keep the weight off for good.


No strength training


Strength training is one of the majorly overlooked causes of weight gain. It is important to build your muscle mass.

As you age you begin to lose muscle mass and start to gain weight. To prevent this from happening to you, you must start a strength training routine as soon as possible.


Size of plate


The size of your plate is a big factor in weight loss and one of the more subtle causes of weight gain. We have been programmed to finish the food on our plates. So when you use a large plate; you consume more food and calories than when you use a smaller plate.

Try to limit the size of your plate to 9 inches or less.


Lack of information


“My people perish for lack of knowledge”. This is a famous quote from the bible and one of the major, if not the biggest causes of weight gain.

If you don’t know what to do to lose weight, you won’t lose weight. Simple!

If you don’t know what makes you gain weight, you will keep on gaining weight until you are registered as a bonafide obese.

You have to know how your body interacts with the kind of meals you eat. That will not be hard as there is a ton of information online for you.




Here’s my problem with dieting. People get excited about a diet they are about to embark on, and when they eventually lose weight, they go back to their former way of eating – which will bring back the weight.

This, among other dietary fads is one of the major causes of weight gain.

I don’t do “diets”.

Or, to put it in another way, what you may consider as “dieting” is a normal way of life to me.

Find a good way of eating, you can call it dieting if you want – one that you can stick with for the rest of your life – and let that way of eating become a part of you.

It’s like exercising; many people exercise because they want to lose weight while others exercise because it is part of their lifestyle.

Pick a diet you can stick with and let it become part of your lifestyle.


Influence of peers


I don’t have a close friend that is fat. This is because you are mostly influenced by your friends and if you are surrounded by fat friends that don’t take their health seriously, chances are you will become influenced by them and start to take your health for granted… and with time, you gain weight. It’s as simple as that!


Weight loss drugs


This is a quick fix method and most that do this don’t know that for every weight loss drug you take, you worsen the situation; and when it plateaus, you will be in serious trouble health-wise.

People that use weight loss drugs continue with their unhealthy lifestyle hoping that the drugs will do all the work for them.

But here’s the twist!

When the weight comes back, it comes with a fury vengeance that you’ll have to do double the work if you want the weight to go. Worse still, you may have to go into surgery (Liposuction – which is also a quick fix I don’t recommend).

And that’s why I will never promote a weight loss pill on this site because it does no good for you in the long run.




You don’t wake up one day and realize that you have added 20 pounds overnight. It comes gradually and, if you are being honest with yourself, you’ll notice the difference in your body size.

You notice it through one of these symptoms; grogginess, dragging your feet and laziness.

This brings us to one of the causes of weight gain… PROCRASTINATION!

You see the weight adding up and you know what to do. But you feel like you can go another week without taking the necessary steps to shed those pounds.

…And you take one week off.

And another!

Until you officially become a fat person. Not cool!

As soon as I notice even a slight symptom of weight gain in my body, I check my eating habits to see if I have faltered.

And most times, Yes.

I would have faltered in one way or the other.

Then I’ll have to reverse the situation and in less than 3 days, I would be back to my normal self.

This I do very well because I am always alert as to how my body behaves and any anomalies in my system, I detect and revert fast.

You should adopt the same method so no weight can creep in without your notice.




This particular one pisses me off and, no offense to married people; you just let yourself go completely after marriage.

I don’t get it.

This is one of the common causes of weight gain I have seen rampant everywhere.

One of the things I look for in a woman is that she must be slim, or at least be health conscious. And lets’ say I marry that woman and two years into our marriage she begins to add weight. Do you think my attraction to her would be the same with when I first met her?

You may be thinking right now, “what if she gains pregnancy weight?”

That’s fine, as long as she shed those pounds after pregnancy.

This also applies to you if you are a man.

You definitely don’t get pregnant, and most of the families I see, it’s the man that starts adding weight before the woman.

Do you think she’ll be as attracted to you as she was when you were fit and slender? I doubt!

Don’t let marriage let you let yourself go. Stay active and healthy so your spouse will not lose interest in you.


Causes of Weight Gain: Conclusion

Now that you know some of the causes of weight gain, you can begin to take proactive steps to counter it. Causes of weight gain differ but most of it comes from your lifestyle.

You have complete control over your lifestyle than your hormones.

Start living a healthier lifestyle today so you won’t fall victim to one of these causes of weight gain.


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