Find Practical and Simple Natural Beauty Tips Here

Hello, here in Tips for Everything we give you nine super tips so you can maintain your beauty with totally natural products, that do not pollute your body and that without any impediment you can use them whenever you want.

Not all natural products are good but here we have selected the ones that are best suited to achieve the results you are looking for.

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natural beauty tips

Areas of battered skin

Cocoa Butter is one of the best ingredients for really rough or battered areas like heels. Apply it permanently and your skin will again be soft and beautiful.

Spots on the skin

If you have sun spots, aloe vera can help you. You have to use it every day for at least three weeks and sunscreen during the day. If the stains do not improve buy a professional cream. Read our article about skin blemishes.

Fish oil

Another of the Tips of Natural Beauty is the fish oil that contains omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which helps to have a healthy skin. You can take capsules if you do not like the taste and smell of the oil.

Dry lips

If you have dry lips or you want to protect them to avoid dryness, put cocoa butter and consume a lot of vitamin C.

Wash your hands

Do it before applying creams or foundation on your face because otherwise you could be putting bacteria and dirt next to the product. This can give you allergies, acne, pimples and ruin your products.

Observe your cosmetics

Especially liquids such as creams, base and masks. If the smell, color and / or texture change do not use them, it may be due to the growth of harmful bacteria. To keep them longer, always keep them in a dry and dark place. The bathroom is not a good place.

Normal or dry skin

If you do not have moisturizer by hand, put a few drops of light olive oil. Just a few drops or open an Evening Primrose oil capsule and follow the advice above.

Avoid burning yourself, use sunscreen

More than a Natural Beauty Tips, it is a basic recommendation to avoid aging and skin health problems. The tan looks beautiful but the sun does not forgive and even if you see the burn immediately you will feel it later or you will see its cumulative action: spots and wrinkles, in a few years. Protect yourself with appropriate attire and sunscreens with strong sunscreen.

Try to give the last rinse to the hair with cold water

Cold water will make your hair look brighter and healthier. It is said that cold or slightly warm water is also best to maintain the firmness of the bust (but it is not proven).

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