Fitness Tips for women is must due to large no of daily activities they do either they are housewives or working women but they have maintain the fitness to carry out their daily routines
Fitness is important for both men and women. In this article, let us see the Fitness tips for women. Most of them are common and suits the other gender also.Below post will teach you women out there who wants to stay and maintain fitness which is nearly impossible if you are housewife, you have to do your household works and I think most women don’t have that much spare time for doing workout. So in this post I am going to share 8 best fitness tips for women which they can follow to maintain a fit body

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Fitness Tips For Women

1) Have balanced diet. It plays important role in your health. Monitor body weight and maintain correct weight for your age and height. If you over-weighted consult a doctor or dietitian who can help you to lose some kg. Consume food with high fiber and low fat contents.


2) Drink water in plenty. Water is the elixir of life. One should consume eight glasses of water per day irrespective of the place and climate they live in. Water cleans the impurities from body. Especially lactating women should drink more water than usual amount.

3) Avoid Smoking  Smoking is generally a bad habit and if it is women, smoking can easily spoil the health. Importantly pregnant women who smoke pass the harmful tobacco contents into child’s bloodstream. A woman who smoke and drink may get affected by breast cancer.

4) Do some exercises daily. If you don’t have time to hit the GYM, then follow some simple activities in day to day life. Use steps instead of elevator or escalator, walk to places wherever you can, play with kids and involve in some kind of physical activities often. Women can also learn yoga and aerobics to maintain their health.

5) Busy Schedule no problem. Women often have the feeling that they’re letting someone down. Don’t worry if you’re not able to spend ten hours a week at the gym or go for a run every morning. All that really matters is that you can commit to improving your health and fitness, and stick to a program. Professionals advise working out three to five times a week in 20-60 minute sessions, but our busy schedules don’t always allow this.Working out twice a week at twenty minutes per session will put you on the right track.

 6) Focus on your goal.


If weight loss is part of your plan, and you’re struggling to meet your goal, don’t beat yourself up about it. Focus on what you’ve done to this point, and use today as a new starting point. You’ve made a commitment to yourself, and that is your biggest success.

7) Don’t overdo your workouts.

The average women’s fitness regime requires a workout of no more than an hour at a time. Spending much time at the gym or doing the same exercises over extended periods can become boringand tedious . By focusing on the exercises and narrowing your time frame, your workout sessions will be more efficient and more fun.

8) Be confident and self-supportive for success.


It’s tough to take on a new health and fitness routine. You need to have commitment and discipline, and you need to be prepared to work hard. Don’t pressure yourself too much.

So these are some of the best fitness tips for women to maintain fitness at home

I hope that this post might help all those women who must be thinking how maintain fitness with lots of work to do, Just 10 to 15 mins a day and you will be see yourself turning as a fit women very quickly, If you like this post please share with your friends and do subscribe to get more such fitness tips


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