Warm up exercises is must before we do any workout routines like workouts, cardio, lifting, cycling, training to prevent injuries  no matter you are runner, dancer, bodybuilder, beginner or just you have hitted the gym to maintain fit body, You must do warm up exercises before any workout you start because this increases the blood flow in your body and will prevent you from having any injuries during workouts Also it give less pressure on your target muscles to prevent cramps which can be light cramps or serious cramps which can take you out of your sport or gym for quite amount of time

I have seen many beginners who just simply go to gym and start to lift 20 pounds dumbells which is not ideal and you may risk your body by having injuries before doing any exercises we must to warm up exercises which will flex your muscles and body  Well there are many workout exercises which you can do especially for beginners they must strictly do warm up workouts because their body is not used to complex movements So in this post I am going to share best warm up exercises list which will greatly reduce and prevent injuries during workouts

Best 16 Warm Up Exercises For Beginners

Below are some of the best warm up exercises that will help you to avoid injuries while doing your workout routines and will help to keep your total body fit and flexible during your workout.Doing warm up exercises before exercises is very important. so today I will tell you some of the best warm up exercises to do before doing your actual exercises.

Doing proper warm up before exercise helps to reduce injuries, improves blood circulation and gets you ready for your heavy intense Workouts.So please try to include below mentioned exercises in your warm up routine.

I know how exciting it is when you first join the gym and you go inside the gym and see all the huge guys and well figured ladies, then you are so fascinated by looking at them doing heavy intense workouts that you forget that they have been doing exercises for years and think that I should also start to lift heavy weights from the first day itself.Absolute no. Walk to your trainer and he will guide you.

Apart from this I have seen in the gym that many guys before doing any kind of warm up exercises they straight away go to lift heavy weights this could lead an invitation to injuries and it can be small or minor injuries and I am sure that you don’t want to get those nasty and paining injuries and to avoid this you have to do proper warm up exercises before each workout routine of your workouts.

Benefits of doing warm up exercises

Ans: Warm up exercises help to increase your blood circulation in your body and preparing your body for hard workout routines and at the same time preventing your body to stay away from injuries specially if you are beginners, So it is very vital to do warm up exercises before workouts.
Now what warm up exercise you can do exercises like running on treadmill for 5 minutes or doing running or skipping and many other exercises but below are some of the basic exercises that will not only warm up your body but as well as give a good stretching experience to your muscles remember flexing your body muscles helps to stay away form any injuries like torn muscles, bruises, cramp and many more.

A properly done warm up exercise can make your workouts safer, gets your body ready for a killer workout,improves your stamina,gets you physically and mentally ready,Reduces your chances of muscle injury

How Long one must do warm up exercises ?

Doing 5 to 10 minutes with light weights is enough.

Below is the comple list of best warm up exercises that you can do for streching your muscles and make your body more flexible for any kind training

1) Stretches for side of neck:

Sit or stand with arms hanging loosely at sides
Turn head to one side, then the other
Hold for 5 seconds, each side
Repeat 1 to 3 times

2) Stretches side of neck

Sit or stand with arms hanging loosely at sides
Tilt head sideways, first one side then the other
Hold for 5 seconds
Repeat 1-3 times

3) Stretches back of neck

Sit or stand with arms hanging loosely at sides
Gently tilt head forward to stretch back of neck
Hold 5 seconds
Repeat 1-3 times

4) Stretches side of shoulder and back of upper arm

Stand or sit and place right hand on left shoulder
With left hand, pull right elbow across chest toward left shoulder and hold 10 to 15 seconds
Repeat on other side

5) Stretches shoulder, middle back, arms, hands, fingers, wrist

Interlace fingers and turn palms out
Extend arms in front at shoulder height
Hold 10 to 20 seconds, relax, and repeat

6) Stretches triceps, top of shoulders, waist

Keep knees slightly flexed
Stand or sit with arms overhead
Hold elbow with hand of opposite arm
Pull elbow behind head gently as you slowly lean to side until mild stretch is felt
Hold 10 to 15 sec
Repeat on other side

7) Stretches middle back

Stand with hands on hips
Gently twist torso at waist until stretch is felt
Hold 10 to 15 sec
Repeat on other side
Keep knees slightly flexed

8) Stretches ankles

Stand and hold onto something for balance
Lift right foot and rotate foot and ankle 8 to 10 times clockwise, then 8 to 10 times counterclockwise.
Repeat on other side
(Note: can also be done sitting)

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9) Stretches calf

Stand a little way from wall and lean on it with forearms, head resting on hands
Place right foot in front of you, leg bent, left leg straight behind you
Slowly move hips forward until you feel stretch in calf of left leg
Keep left heel flat and toes pointed straight ahead
Hold easy stretch 10 to 20 seconds
Do not bounce
Repeat on other side
Do not hold breath

10) Stretches front on thigh (quadriceps)

Stand a little a way from wall and place left hand on wall for support
Standing straight, grasp top of left foot with right hand
Pull heel toward buttock
hold 10 to 20 sec
Repeat on other side

11) Relaxes hamstrings, stretches calves, Achilles, and ankles

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart
Keep heels flat, toes pointed straight ahead
Assume bent knee position (quarter squat)
Hold 30 sec

12) Stretches inner thigh, groin

Stand with feet pointed straight ahead, a little more than shoulder-width apart
Bend right knee slightly and move left hip downward toward right knee
Hold 10 to 15 seconds
Repeat on other side
If necessary, hold on to something (chair, etc.) for balance

13) Stretches side of hip, hamstrings

Sit on floor with right leg straight out in front
Bend left leg, cross left foot over, place outside right knee
Pull left knee across body toward opposite shoulder
Hold 10 to 20 seconds
Repeat on other side
Breathe easily

14) Stretches lower back, side of hip, and neck

Sit on floor with left leg straight out in front
Bend right leg, cross right foot over, place outside left knee
Bend left elbow and rest it outside right knee
Place right hand behind hips on floor
Turn head over right shoulder, rotate upper body right
Hold 10 to 15 seconds
Repeat on other side
Breathe in slowly

15) Stretches back of leg and lower back

Sit on floor, legs straight out at sides
Bend left leg in at knee
Slowly bend forward from hips toward foot of straight leg until you feel slight stretch
Do no dip head forward at start of stretch
Hold this developmental stretch 10 to 20 seconds
Repeat on other side
Foot of straight leg upright, ankles and toes relaxed
Use a towel if you cannot easily reach your feet

16) Stretches shoulders, arms, hands, feet and ankles

Lie on floor, extend arms overhead, keep legs straight
Reach arms and legs in opposite directions
Stretch 5 sec, relax
So these were some of the best warm up exercises that will help your total body to get warmed up before exercise.

Note: Never try to skip doing warm up exercises and straight away go in doing heavy workouts, you can see the difference in your workouts if you do some of the above mentioned workout routines for at least 5 to 10 minutes prior to your daily workout routines.

So these was the complete list of 16 best warm up exercises for beginners which you must do and it’s highly recommended to do it and this will not only flex your muscles and body but will definitely prevent various kinds of injuries, if you like this list please share and don’t forget to subscribe to get more such workout routines tips


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