Try these totally unscientific, but completely test-driven ways we all get happy at Honest Beauty.

At Honest Beauty HQ, we’re all about swapping tips and tricks. This week, we turned our focus to the fab (and funky) ways we put smiles on our faces to clear stress, perk up our mood or kickstart a mid-day pick-me-up.

Here’s a round-up of fast and easy tricks gathered from our in-house beauties who always seem to be radiating the sun:

“I love dark chocolate and taking a stroll around the block with a coworker, or both at the same time if I really need a pick-me-up.”

“I have so many! I’ll pick up some fresh farmer’s market blooms— having flowers in my bedroom or at my desk always brightens my day. Maybe a quick DIY mani to throw some happy color into the mix. At work, I’ll light a candle or dab on some essential oils for some instant aromatherapy and if I really need to disconnect, I’ll declutter my desk; there’s instant gratification that comes from cleaning up and it also helps me think more clearly. P.S. youtube videos (duh)!”

“Take a moment to schedule an activity with a girlfriend that truly makes you happy (this could be anything from wine and tapas to tapping it back). The looking forward to is almost as good as the doing – double happiness!”

“I meditate even if it’s just for a minute or two to clear my head. I love the headspace app or there are lots of free guided meditations online.”

“I change my lip color to something vibrant. A nice poppy pink or rich red usually does the trick.”

“Pet a dog or make a baby smile — it’s impossible not to feel happier.”

“When I need a little TLC, I give it away first. I’ll send a love note, email or text to someone just to say I appreciate them. They’re always surprised and happy to receive it and that makes me feel good.”

“Maybe it’s the kid in me but I always keep adult colorings books or Mad Libs at my desk for a little Zen or laughter — depending on what I need. I don’t know if it’s the distraction or channeling the creativity, but they change my mood instantly.”

“I love to look at old Instagram or Facebook photos I posted years ago. Fun memories are always good for a laugh.”

“I cue up my favorite playlist and pump up endorphins with a much-needed workout… of course, followed by fun times with friends and family!”

“I lead a 12 o’clock stretch every day with the two guys I sit next to! It’s easy and usually hilarious. It also gets our blood going and takes our mind off work for a few minutes. Chocolate and champagne are also a no brainier (but maybe not at the office). Candles work every time! They smell good and instantly provide a sense of warmth and positive vibes.”

“Sometimes just texting that friend or sibling who always has your back can perk up your mood. My sisters are my go-to when I need a little extra boost of happiness. They know just what to say.”

“Making plans I can look forward to or something I’ve been wanting to do — like a girls night out or weekend getaway — always brings a smile. The joy comes in the moment which feels fantastic and it’s long lasting because you don’t enjoy the actual event right away.”

“Making someone else happy! Bringing a friend or co-worker coffee, a treat, etc. just because lights them up and in turn, you feel the same sense of happiness.”

“Don’t judge me… but a snap chat filter always gives me a good giggle.”


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