Each season we give our space some sprucing up and our closets a makeover. Now it’s time to show our makeup cases a little TLC.

Our spring cleaning spree continues at Honest Beauty HQ. The latest conquest? Beauty bags and makeup drawers that tend to be over stuffed, crammed with expired products and a not-so-hot mess.

We rounded up 10 beyond simple ways to tidy up and keep life looking glam.

  1. Clean when it’s not spring. That little take-everywhere case picks up dirt and grime from every space it touches (think locker rooms, offices, hotels). Naturally, how you wash it depends on the material. We suggest making a clean sweep with a damp cloth every two weeks (versus every season).
  2. Go minimalist. When to comes to makeup cases, switch to a style that’s small and cute so you fit you need and avoid what you don’t.
  3. Ditch old, unused products. Live by the rule: “If you haven’t touched it in months, it’s time to toss it.” You won’t miss what you’re not using. (Even if it was the must-have shade of the season!)
  4. Declutter and simplify. Think of your on-the-road makeup case like a survival kit. Practical. Tote-able. Able to get you through a zombie apocalypse. Limit it to 5 products. We love Magic Balm, mascara, Luminizing Powder, concealer and a lip crayon.
  5. Seek multitaskers. Find 2-in-1 products that give you more bang for the space. Bronzers and highlighters that shades your lids or balms that hydrate and highlight. (No, those fake lashes don’t do double duty.)
  6. Swap brushes with disposable applicators. Think cotton swabs or puffs. Store them in a case so they stay fresh then restock when running low.
  7. Burn your tweezers. Um, what? Seriously though, break out a match and run a flame over your tweezer tips for a quick and easy disinfectant. Wipe clean and let it cool before your next use.
  8. Replace your mascara. Whether the bottle is half full or nearly empty, trade it  for a new one every two to three months to help keep bacteria away from your eyes.
  9. Sanitize your makeup drawer. Or organizer or medicinal cabinet, basically your makeup lives. At least once a month, give the space a deep cleanse.
  10. Wash your brushes. Beauty tools are constantly neglected. Using a mixture of baby soap and water, gently rinse them every week or two.


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